Installation and set up - Android Studio 3.2.1

This note is for my personal remainder

1) Create a folder Android

2) Download Android studio and place the folder inside Android

3) Create another folder inside Android and name it Android_SDK

4) Run located inside android_studio/bin

5) Select custom setup of configuration and point the destination for downloading SDK at Android/Android_SDK.

6) You may choose to have the project folders outside the setup folder

To start android studio

cd ~/Android/android_studio/bin


1) To open a project, choose the project folder from the IDE or click on the build.gradle file from the project folder

2) If you are changing the project location or there is a project path discrepency,

build -> clean project
build -> build apk

3) After opening/creating a project, you can close it by selecting File -> close project. This will free up RAM space


When the Run button is clicked, the device to be simulated have to be chosen. You can either check the app in your android device or simulate on a virtual device

1) When testing on android device, make sure USB debugging option is enabled. This can be done under the developer options which can be enabled by tapping on the build number 7 times

2) Otherwise, you can create a virtual device specific to any mobile and OS